About Us

Hi ! We are Marina, Jeremy and Tara. 

Welcome to our blog where we will present our family roadtrips to you.

On this blog, you’ll find advice about planning trips (itineraries, equipments…) along with reports of our trips (visits,accommodations, traveled routes… ) and a lot of tips for enjoying the road and discover great places without stress.

We wish to post useful information for families but this blog is for everyone who loves to travel and discover new destinations.

If you want to know more about us and the blog keep reading.

Who are we ?

We are a couple on our 30s, Marina and Jeremy accompanied by our daughter Tara who is almost two years old now, we live in Franche-Comte, near Pontarlier in France.

Since we met 8 years ago (already !), we always loved to go together with our car for a weekend, a week or more.

At first, it was mostly motivated by a lack of financial means allowing us to travel in France for cheap avoiding train or plane. Then it allowed us to cover a maximum range and see a lot on a short period by switching hotels every night.

When Tara showed up into our lives it didn’t stopped us in our wanderlust, it was quite the opposite, We just had to adjusted our organization and it made us slow down a bit and enjoy the ride way more than just the final destinations.

Until now, Jeremy used to work as an IT consultant, he loved his jobs but the fact of working from 8 to 5 with a two-hour drive every day was not the best way to be happy and enjoy life with Marina and Tara.
Moreover we wanted to go further than the borderer contries when we travel, which is complicated with only 4 weeks of paid vacation (I used to work in Switzerland).

That’s why at the end of Jeremy work contract a few month ago, we took the decision of changing our life and create our own company instead of working in a more “traditional” way. This will allow us to have more time to be together and travel without the restrain of being an employee.

We don’t want to become completely “digital nomad” and spend all our life on the road like some people may do because we have our life here in Franche Comté ,we love our area and don’t want to leave it for now.

Why this blog ?

As we keep traveling we realized that few people around us traveled the same way as we do and even fewer once they have kids.

We want to share the experiences that we live with our kind but also with all the families which want to hit the road with their kids by giving them advice about planning the trip, practical information about the visits, accommodation and activity by keeping a parent point of view which is rarely the case on classic travel sites.

Besides we love to take pictures and videos during our trips, and even if we still are beginners in this area, we may as well share them with everyone and give them the will to discover some unknown places !

How the blog will works

Our blog being oriented on roadtrips and as we are not always on the road the type and the pace of publications will be different during our trips.

During the trips (from a small weekend to a month)

We will post new content every day on social medias so you can follow our trip in live (visits, photos, videos…)

The reports of the different stops will arrive a few days later simply because it is complicated for us to sort/edit photos/videos and draft the articles the same night with Tara around who doesn’t really love to see us on the computer instead of playing with her 😀

Off Trip

We won’t let the site die when we are at home, we will publish articles about the equipments that we use, tips about trips but also the planning of our future roadtrip. We also may write some articles about our area the Franche Comté if by any chance your traveling around here.

Depending on the time that we have we’ll make, during or after the trip, articles about some of the destinations/visits that we really enjoyed and that deserves more than just a simple reference in our road report.

Three languages

As you may have noticed, the site is available in three languages : French, English and Serbian.

Why ? Simply because Jeremy is french and Marina is serbian, and even if we live in France and that the content may be more turned to the french public we tought that it would be a shame that Marina’s family won’t be able to read it.

And while we were at it, we decided to translate it in english too so a larger amount of people will be able to read it and everyone who wants to travel across Europe could access our articles 🙂

Funding of the blog

As you may know, creating and maintaining a blog takes a lot of time and cost money for the hosting of the site but also for the extra equipments needed to give you great imagines and full road reports.

For now, we don’t want to bother you with banner ads everywhere on the site and we prefer to use affiliate links or referral programs to keep the blog alive.

An affiliate link will redirect you to a website like Amazon (that we use a lot, maybe too much !) for example, using a customized address with our partnership ID in it.
This will cost you nothing, you will pay the same price as if you were going on the site on your own but we will receive a small percentage of money if you use our link.

For the referral programs, same principle but this works only once. When a new account is created, for example with Airbnb you’ll get 25€ in travel credit and we get 15€ in travel credit after your first trip.
Thanks to this it’s a win-win for you and us and it help us fund a part of our trip and the site.

See you and the road !

That’s it for the introduction, if you wish to ask us some questions or simply support us, don’t hesitate to use the contact form or to follow us on our social medias.
The icons are on the top and the bottom of every pages 🙂


Jeremy, Marina and Tara