During our last visit to Paris we took the opportunity to go to the Grande Halle of la Villette and visit the exhibition devoted to King Tut.

For those who wonder if it’s worth it, keep reading !

A last trip to discover Tutankhamun …

This exhibition is the last world tour of more than 150 objects from the tomb of the famous Pharaoh Tutankhamun discovered in 1922

They travel for the last time before joining the new Cairo Museum, which is due to open in 2022 and will not leave Egypt afterwards

A similar exhibition took place in 1967 in Paris, some of the objects were already presented at the time and 50 objects are coming out for the first and last time of the country


The visit

The visits take place every 30 minutes with a limited number of people entering during this interval which avoids having to wait and gives access to the display cabinet more easily. Paid audioguides are available at the entrance to learn more

The exhibition is organized in several spaces presenting the objects that were used during life and after the death of the Pharaoh. All of that in a dark atmosphere to let the artefacts pop up of the display cabinet

The objects are presented in several showcases with descriptions to understand the use that was made of them, the meaning of the details and also information on their discovery

Several quotes from the book of the dead are also quoted with explanations on embalming and Egyptian practices

A final part and it dedicated to the archaeologist and Egyptologist Howard Carter, to the discovery of the tomb and also on the expedition funded by Lord Carnarvon.

And finally the souvenir shop, if you want to leave with an archaeologist hat, papyrus or jewelry similar to those of the exhibition.

We liked :

  • Unseen objects coming out of Egypt for the first time
  • Interesting explanations

We liked less :

  • The famous funerary mask is not part of the exhibition
  • The price (24€/Adult/On Weekend)

Remember to book!

If you also want to come see this exhibition, you should know that it is more than recommended to buy tickets well in advance and even more if you think to come in weekend or during the holidays.

For that you just have to go to the exhibit website.

The exhibition is present at the Grande Halle of la Villette until September 15th

Admission is free for children under 4 years old and there are several underground parking lot at the Cité de la Musique or the Philharmonie which will save you time from finding a place if you come by car.

To see near by : Le parc de la Villette

The exhibition was also an opportunity for us to take another trip to the Parc de la Villette.
This one contains many activities for the whole family and you would probablably need several days to do everything !

The main activities :

  • City of Science and Industry
  • The Géode
  • The Argonaute sub-marine
  • The Philharmonie of Paris
  • The different play areas

So, are you interested ?

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