It had been a long time since we had planned to visit this magnificent castle that inspired the one from Sleeping Beauty of Disneyland.

And even though we did not have the time to do the guided tour we are delighted to have finally been there, as it is definitely worth the detour!



Each year, around 1.4 million visitors come to see this castle which is the most famous in Germany.

Its construction ended in 1886 at the request of Louis II of Bavaria. It consists of 200 rooms on a total area of 6,000 m2.

The castle is located in Bavaria, less than 2 hours drive from Munich and close to the Austrian border.

His style inspired Disney for the Disneyland Sleeping Castle and their famous logo.

How to go up to the castle?

Vehicles are not allowed to continue after the city of Hohenschwangau.

You can enjoy this small town and its Bavarian architecture along with souvenir shops and other restaurants.


Several paid car parks are available at the entrance of the city and then you have to find another way to reach the castle.

On foot

It’s free, but it’s long! It will take you about 40 minutes to cover the 1.5 kilometers separating the city from the castle.

With carriage

Carriages pass regularly to bring you 450 m from the entrance of the castle, you will still have 15 minutes of walk then.

It takes 7 € for the climb and 3.5 € for the descent.


With the shuttle

The compromise is probably the bus that allows you to go up and down for 3 €.

This one drops you near the bridge of Marienbrücke, you will still have 500 m of descent to reach the castle.

You’ll have to wait more or less depending on the season to buy the tickets and then get on the shuttle.



Guided tour

A guided tour of the site is available to see the interior of the castle.

Given the influx, it is advisable to buy the tickets online, but it is also possible to buy them in the city before going up.

More information on the official website.

There is no ticket office once arrived at the castle so think about it before you climb up there !


We did not have time to wait because we still had some way to go during our trip, so we skipped the visit. Maybe next time !

It is possible to enter the courtyard for free.

chateau_neuschwanstein_cour_interieure chateau_neuschwanstein_toit

The most beautiful view of the Neuschwanstein Castle !

For many people, the best view of the castle is from the Marienbrücke bridge and we will not contradict them!


If you go up to the castle by the shuttle, it will drop you right in front of the bridge.

You must take into account the queue, we waited 25 minutes to arrive on the bridge …


Do not be dizzy!

Around the castle


Just in the opposite direction are Hohenschwangau Castle and Lake Alpsee.

The castle was once a summer residence for the Bavarian royal family. Louis II also spent part of his childhood there.


If you have a little time to spare, it is possible to go to the other side of the lake on foot, it will give you another view of the castle and will allow you to cool off in the summer.


And you ? Have you ever been there?

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