There are many accessories to improve breaks when traveling by car, today we present  you with one that will allow you to take good naps or even spend the night in your car. The inflatable mattress for cars!

What is it ?

Unlike a beach mattress or a air bed that is flat and not adapted to the rear seat of a car, it has a base to be placed between the seats and the floor to support one side of the mattress and make it stable.

To be honest, we did not know this type of inflatable mattress a few days ago before seeing it on the internet.

So we bought one on Amazon to see if it will be part of the accessories to take on our next trip and make a review for you 🙂

Sailnovo inflatable car mattress


The mattress comes in a transparent plastic storage case and is much more compact than I thought when I ordered it.
Deflated it measures only 30x24x12cm, it will easily find its place in the trunk.

matelas_gonflable_voiture-plié In addition to the mattress, an electric cigarette lighter pump is delivered, you won’t have to loose your breath. The pump can also be reused if you have beach mattresses or a pool for example because it has several tips.


You also have two inflatable pillows and an adhesive kit to plug any holes.



Once in the car, simply inflate the two areas starting by the bottom.


matelas_gonflable_voiture-gonflageThe inflation takes about 2 minutes, the pump is not too noisy but if you spend the night around other cars, think to inflate before everyone sleeps!

matelas_gonflable_voitureAs you can see in our Citroën C4 Grand Picasso, where the rear seats slide, we have plenty of space to position the mattress.

The comfort will depend of course on your car and the space available at the back but even with a large car two adults would not fit properly on it.

It is, however, much more comfortable than we thought for an adult and much better than sleeping in a simple seat. You should be able to fit an adult and a child too.


Tara loved the mattress !


Dimension : 140 x 90 x 10cm
Materials : PVC
Load: up to 300kg
Accessories :Inflation pump 12v, 2 inflatable pillows, 1 storage cover

In which cases to use it ?

Its use will depend on how you travel and the car you have.

For an adult, this can do the trick to sleep several nights in his car, the mattress inflates and deflates quickly and does not take up space once folded.

You’ll just have to sleep curled up. It’s the size of a child bed after all!

For a couple, it is better to go for a larger mattress if you have the opportunity to put lay down your back seats and have a flat floor.

If you are a family, this may be a solution to allow children to lie down during a fishing trip or at a picnic for example (if your vehicle is near you and in a shaded area).

The mattress can also be used outside, putting it upside down can be used as a sofa, the lower part becomes a folder in this configuration.

matelas_gonflable_voiture-canapéIt can also work by inflating only the sleeping area and be placed on the floor outdoors or indoors for an extra bed.


So, shall we buy it ?

To conclude, we found this mattress really nice, it should be tested on our next road trip to really see in the long term if it keeps its promises but it’s a good start.

We are lucky to have a big car, the installation is easy and the mattress has room to inflate on the width. It does not take up too much space when folded.

In our case, a couple and a 2 year old girl, it would be hard to actually sleep. Two adults and a child would not fit on the mattress but this could be used in case we wish to nap Tara (and the car is near us, in a shady place).

If this interests you, this mattress is available on Amazon for around 40 €.

*This is an affiliate link, it allows us to earn a commission if you buy. It does not cost you more and allows the site to live.


And you, have you ever used this kind of mattress in a car?

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