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Visit of Etno Selo: Moravski Konaci

In Serbia, you can find many "Etno Selo". These villages are composed of several traditional Serbian houses made of wood. Today we present to you...

Our visit of Venice !

After visiting Bruges, the Venice of the North and Colmar that of the East, we wanted to see the true and unique Venice. So we...

[Test] Inflatable Car Mattress

There are many accessories to improve breaks when traveling by car, today we present  you with one that will allow you to take good...

Visit Smederevo : its Fortress, its Church

Today we're presenting to you the city of Smederevo, this city is famous in Serbia for its fortress dating from the fifteenth century. It is...

Golubac Fortress : Guardian of the Danube

Golubac fortress is a medieval fortification at the entrance of the Đerdap National Park, in Serbia. Come to Golubac The fortress is easily accessible, it is...

Visit Bratislava: What to see, What to do?

Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, is located 1 hour from Vienna and 2 hours from Budapest. This makes it a very good stop on...

Pula : Visit the city in 1 day

Find the review of our day in Pula,Croatia.The places that we visited, our accommodation, where we ate and the beach where we bathed! The market To...

Final review of our road trip in Central Europe

After 1 month and a half, we're back home and it's time to make a review of this wonderful trip! Why this picture? Well, it's...

How to choose your car for a road trip?

When we say road trip we think vehicle, of course depending on the route, desires and budget everyone will not leave with the same...
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