When we say road trip we think vehicle, of course depending on the route, desires and budget everyone will not leave with the same car.

Let’s see together the most used vehicles to explore the roads!

The van, the reference for a road trip?

The advantage of the van is that it is not much bigger than a car but you can sleep comfortably in it and even cook on a small stove.

You will be able to access car parks (less than 2m high) which might not be possible with a bigger vehicule. A van can also go unnoticed along a road or in the forest if you decide to stay at night.

Unfortunately due to the reduced size, you will not have a shower or toilet, so you will have to either use an outdoor shower or find public showers. (or lakes if you are not chilly: D)

A Class C motorhome, a comfortable road trip!


Probably the most expensive, this means of transport allows to combine the vehicle to a quality accommodation (much better than many low cost hotel) with shower, toilet, kitchen and sleeping.

Of course, given the size, you will not go unnoticed and depending on the country where you are, it may be necessary to find a place of authorized parking in a campsite or a dedicated area.

It will not be easy either to move into the city or find a parking space at the right size for a visit, it must be taken into account when planning the itinerary.

A class B motorhome, the right compromise?


Combining the advantages of the van and those of the class C motorhome the intermediate solution could be the class B motorhome.

Indeed it is larger than a van, which allows him to have a toilet and a shower (depending on the size chosen) while having a template that allows him to move around the city and even park along a sidewalk.

The price will also be between the two solutions, you also have the opportunity to buy a utility van and transform it yourself according to your desires to reduce costs. However, one must pay attention to the legislation and check that the criteria of homologation are well respected.

MPV cars ?


This is the solution that we chose personally for our travels.

If you are not a fan of the solutions proposed above for their “camping” sides and want to sleep at the hotel or in rentals during your trip, a car with enough space and comfort on board is a very good solution to make long journeys.

If necessary you can bring a stove with you to prepare meal during the breaks. The best in our opinion is to choose accommodation with kitchens to prepare meals in the evening and snacks for the road the next day.

The disadvantage is that you will have to pay every night accommodation and take your things out of the car, settle in for the night and start again the next day.

On the other side, you can access any downtown, take the ferry at no extra charge and it is a vehicle that you use every day when you’re not on vacation.


And what would you choose for a good road trip?

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