Before, during our travels, we used to send postcards to give news to our loved ones.

Of course, the choice of images is often basic but it allows you to have a physical memory to hang or slide in a photo album. It also shows that you take the time to think of your loved ones and send them a note.

With new technologies and social networks, places and photos are now shared live. They also tend to get lost in the flow of news shared by all contacts as yet another travel picture.

Except if you take the time to print them, they often remain in digital format and get lost in the folders of your smartphone / computer.

So how to send custom photos to your loved ones easily?

A custom memory with MyPostCard

carte_postale_mypostcardThanks to MyPostCard, it is now possible to combine the advantages of both solutions.

We can send a personalized postcard with our own photos and messages. Different formats are available to really choose what suits us.

It is not always obvious during a journey abroad to go to a post office and send a postcard if you do not know the language and how the mail works there.

Here, it is easily done from the website or via the application which allows you to send it during the trip quietly from a restaurant or hotel.

The other advantage is that the price and delivery time are the same no matter where you are. International shipping is free.

Send an online postcard step by step

I personally discovered Mypostcard through a promo code from Google Local Guide. You can do the same by following my referral link and receive € 3 to spend on the site.

Knowing that prices start at 2.19 €, you can have your first free postcard to make your own opinion.

To start, go to the website: or download the application (the link is at the top of the site)

And click on “Send a card”


You will then be able to choose the format that suits you the most : Classic, Trio, Multi, etc


I chose the Trio model to show several photographs of the place visited.

We can then choose the color of the frame and click on the different “plus” to choose the images.


Images can come from your computer or other sources such as your  Facebook, Instagram, Google Photo, etc


Once your photos are chosen, here a souvenir of our roadtrip of last year, here is the result.

You can then go to the personalized message and enter the address of the recipient. There is no extra cost depending on the country so enjoy!


Supplements are available if you want a larger map, an envelope, better print quality.


Now you can send it ! (and pay for it too)


As you can see, for less than  2$ (€ 1.77) you can send a personalized postcard anywhere and especially from anywhere to your loved ones!

I received my postcard in 7 days after the order and here is the result:



This is a beautiful memory of our visits to the Plitvice Lakes and we will think this solution on our next trips.
Especially that it only takes a few minutes to do it for an already good quality without any additional option.

And you, have you ever tried this kind of online service?


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