You will find below all the information about Croatia, we have gathered this information for our future trip and will update it at the end of it.

General information

Capital : Zagreb
Population : 4,171 millions (2016)
Area:56 594 km²
Spoken languages  : Croatian
Currency :
Kuna (HRK)



Entering the country

Visa : Visas are not required for residents of EU states member, you just need an identity card or passport up to date.
For other countries you will find more information on the website of the
Ministry of foreign affairs.

Pets : Any dog ​​or cat traveling in the European Union must be identified (chip and / or tattoo), validly vaccinated against rabies and accompanied by a European passport provided and completed by a veterinarian before being transported.
Unlike the other country, Croatia also requires an antibody titration and a veterinary certificate. More information here.

Customs : As part of the reinforcement of controls at the external borders of the European Union, identity checks at Croatian borders are systematic, including nationals of European Union countries.

  • To avoid VAT charges, the total value of the goods must not exceed 1000 HRK (about 135 euro)
  • Strong alcohol 1l / person / day. Wine, beer, sparkling wine 2l / person / day
  • Cigarettes 200 / person / day
  • Perfume 50ml, Cologne 25ml

More information on the police website (in Croatian)

Security : No particular risk, it is necessary to remain attentive to possible flights in the tourist places as everywhere.

If you have any problem, as in each country of the European Union, you must dial the 112 to reach the emergency services.
You can communicate with them in the local language or in English.



Main course : Kulen (chorizo ​​type), Jambon, Ajvar (mashed sweet peppers), Grilled fish, Oysters, Mussels , eels, olive oil
Cheese : Paški sir (sheep’s cheese)
Desserts : Cakes, kotonjata (quince paste), kroštule et fritule (donuts)
Drinks : Wines, Rakija (brandy), Maraschino(cherry liquor)
Tipping :
Tips are not mandatory as it is included in the price. If you are satisfied with the service received it is always nice to leave something but it is up to you.
Payments : In addition to cash, the credit card is spread throughout Croatia, logos are displayed at the entrance of restaurants and shops indicating accepted credit cards.
Pay attention to the fees charged by your bank in addition to the exchange rate for a payment in a foreign currency.
It is possible in some stores to pay in Euro.

 Driving in Croatia

  • Vehicles must drive with the headlights on during the winter time period (between October and March)
  • Speed ​​limit of 50km/h in City, 90km/h for secondary roads and 130 for highways.
  • The maximum permitted blood alcohol level is 0.5 g of alcohol per liter of blood.
  • The emergency vest is mandatory on board



Drone regulation for recreational use

  • Day flight only and keep the drone in sight within 500m
  • A safety distance of at least 30m must be respected with people, animals, roads, buildings, power lines, etc. and 150m for a group of people
  • Stay at a distance of 3km from the airports
  •  It seems necessary to obtain a flight permit from the civil aviation for every drone, you need to make the request 15 days in advance.
  • It also seems that it is necessary to have a license from another service which needs to contact the Ministry of Defense with your flight plan if you want to film with it (maybe there are some things they do not want to see on the Internet…).

More information in English on these two sites: and

Given the complexity of the process to obtain a license, I would not take any risk and will not use my drone during our trip there.


All these information are given for information only and in a general way, search more precisely depending on where you going to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

If you think of additional information that could help travelers or if some information is no longer correct, please leave us a comment below ?



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