After 3 days in Vienna, we take the road again for the last part of our roadtrip through Central Europe. This time we’re going to Vaduz, the capital of Liechtenstein, with a stop at Neuschwanstein Castle (not easy to write correctly!)

trajet_vienne_vaduzWe planned to make a stop in Salzburg to rest and visit this city famous for being very beautiful. Unfortunately the good weather was not there and we had trouble finding cheap accommodation in the area so we continued our way to Rosenheim in Germany.

We thought that we would find cheaper accommodation in Germany than on the Austrian side, unfortunately it seems that Bavaria is also a very popular area for summer holidays …

Most of the hotels were full and the prices really high without really understanding why. The accommodations were cheaper in Vienna than here in the middle of nowhere.

Neuschwanstein Castle

We love medieval style castles and we wanted to see this one for a long time, this one is well known (about 1.4 million tourists a year).

We did not do the guided tour given the waiting times of several hours. Despite the crowds we were able to access the bridge offering the most beautiful view of the castle, after 25 minutes of waiting…

castle_neuschwanstein_summerIt’s really one of the most (maybe the most) beautiful castles that we ever seen and we understand why Disney was inspired by it for the Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland and their logo.

We continued our route to Bürserberg, a mountain village in Austria. We took our accommodation here to get closer to the next day’s visit and compared to the prices that are quite high in this area.

bürserberg_churchThe view from the terrace 🙂

The accommodation was big and well equiped, planned for 6 people, we were comfortable!
The village was nice and the view of the mountains reminded us of our house! Our host Holga was very friendly and we even had time to chat with her 🙂


This is another place where we never been and yet not far from home (3h30 by car), Liechtenstein and its capital Vaduz.

This is not really the most popular destination but we are glad to came there. The city center is full of sculptures and statues of different artists, we will make an article about it.

End of the road

So it was the last part of our trip, we still have 3h30 of road through Switzerland that we made without stopping and luckily without traffic jams 🙂 We were eager to find our home after 1 month and a half of trip !

vaduz_pontarlier_trajetWe will make you a “review” article  next week to close our roadtrip and give you our impressions on this magnificent trip which will remain in our thoughts for a long time.


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