During the preparation of our trip and the crossing of Croatia, Marina immediately told me about the Plitvice lakes.

I did not know it at all and actually it was worth the trip!

This stage of our Roadtrip in Central Europe is one of the most beautiful that we have done!


The Plitvice Lakes National Park was established in 1949 and is located in eastern Croatia near the Bosnian border.

The park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and consists of 16 lakes that flow into each other forming magnificent waterfalls.

lacs_plitvice_vue_hautThese lakes are separated into two groups, the upper and lower lakes.

They each have a name and all have beautiful colors and transparent!


lacs_plitvice_poissonHow to visit Plitvice National Park?

The park is huge, nearly 300km2, two entries exist and circuits have been set up to guide visitors.

On some parts of the route, it is possible to save time by taking a boat or a panoramic bus. This is included in the ticket price.


Which route to choose?

They are identified with letters for easy identification and signs are present at intersections to guide you.


It is quite possible to go from one circuit to another because, the main points of view are found on practically every circuit. You will be riding on several circuits throughout the visit.

The routes range from 3.5km to 18km and allow to satisfy everyone, from family with children to the most experienced hikers.

You can find the details of the circuits on the official website of the park.

Our visit by route C

circuit_C_plitviceWe visited the park in less than a day arriving at 8am which allowed us to avoid the crowds and to not waste time unnecessarily.

We chose to follow route C on our host’s advice and we were not disappointed!

We arrived by the entrance 1, which gives directly the tone with this view on the big waterfall.

lacs_plitvice_grande_cascadeWanting to avoid the crowds at all costs, we hurried off towards the pier to catch the boat and get to the other side of the park. This allowed us to have the paths just for us or almost!


lacs_plitvice_chemin_eauFollowed a succession of waterfalls and beautiful lakes and then we took the scenic bus back to the starting point.

When to visit the park ?

Like all the beautiful places, this one is no exception and attracts a lot of tourists.

The walks are on small wooden paths where no more than two people can stand side by side, you really have to take the affluence into consideration to avoid nervousness and really enjoy the place.

lacs_plitvice_chemin_boisThe best is of course to come before or after the summer to have good weather conditions and enjoy the beauty of the lakes under the sun.

lacs_plitvice_lacs_bleuEven if this place must be magical under the snow or in Autumn!

In all cases, it is necessary to come early, from the opening to be further in the park when organized bus tours arrive and begin to block the paths …


How to go ?

It is possible to come by bus from the capital and several cities of the country.

More information on the website:

We were driving and were able to move more easily.

Paid parking is available at Entry 1.

It costs 7/kn per hour. That’s about 1 € per hour.

As long as we talk about prices, you should know that the entrance to the park varies depending on the season.

In June, we had to pay 20€/adult and in summer prices go up to 33 €. The park is really beautiful but it is a big budget for a family.

You will find the detailed price here.

Where to sleep ?

Given the attractiveness of the Park, many local residents have transformed some of their homes into Airbnb.

There are so many accommodations all along the main road leading to the park which will allow you to compare prices between rental and hotels.

Of course if you find one close enough, you will save time in the morning by going there.

Where to eat ?

There are several restaurants on site, but when we were there some were closed and we preferred to take our meal with us.

This is probably the best way to enjoy these landscapes, it is very easy to find a quiet place to sit.

lacs_plitvice_canardAnd if you leave a few crumbs, the cleaning service will take care of it.

Remember to bring enough water too, as the outlets are fairly spaced depending on the route chosen.

You can find all the necessary information to prepare your visit directly on the park website.

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