After 1 month and a half, we’re back home and it’s time to make a review of this wonderful trip!

Why this picture? Well, it’s the castle right above our house and that’s what we see every time we come back home!

1 Road trip, 10 countries crossed, 4600km, 1 month and a half

bilan_voyage_europeThe title has changed slightly compared to the article of Roadtrip in Central Europe  Presentation

Indeed we stayed longer than expected in Serbia (3 weeks instead of 2) and following our Halfway through review we chose to take more time for the second part of the trip.

In return, we removed Prague from our program in order to reduce the number of kilometers to cover and to have more time to spend on the cities already on our itinerary. It will be for the next time! 🙂

Despite of that we still did 4600km with little time on the road during our three weeks break in Serbia. Which represents 72 hours of road in total! And thankfully, no mechanical problems to deplore!

bilan_road_trip_juin_juilletRecap thanks to the Xee Connect box installed in the car


Through this trip we were able to visit beautiful places that we dreamed to see for a long time.

Venice, Plitvice Lakes, Vienna, Neuschwanstein Castle

And discovered others a bit “by chance” that we really loved!

Subotica and Budapest in particular.

Of course by chaining the visits and the road we take less advantage of the places and the surroundings and must be content with the essential and the tourist areas.

We had a first glimpse of different countries and it made us want to come back later to explore more places! We will let you know about it when we decide where our next trip will be!


It was our first trip since our change of lifestyle and the word that comes to mind to summarize this is “freedom”!

The freedom to choose your itinerary and take your time according to your desires (and the budget ofcourse :D) and not according to the days of leave remaining at work is a really nice feeling.

We had planned to stay two weeks in Serbia, having bad weather for almost a week, we finally decided to stay longer. This allowed us to visit more things but especially to enjoy Marina’s family and see as many people as possible.

Before last year and the birth of Tara, Marina had not returned to Serbia to see her family for 12 years …

We stayed in Serbia for 25 days, it is practically all the annual holidays of a lambda person in France … That would not have been possible if we had a “normal” job.

Back home

After all this time away from home, we were verry happy to go home.

Tara was very happy to see our bunny Mila, her friends, and all her toys 🙂

mila_noeudIt’s also nice to find our little habits, our coffee maker, our bakery (not easy to find a baguette outside of France!), our comfortable bed 😀

We will also have more time to devote to the site and the many photos we have taken.

This will allow us to refine the details that were waiting on the appearance of the site and especially to make detailed articles on all the visits we made!

And to review all of our stages it is in this category: Roadtrip in Central Europe – Presentation


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