To inaugurate this category, we will begin by presenting to you our next roadtrip which should begin in less than a week and which occupies our minds permanently in these last days before we leave.

If you have read our “About us” page you know that we have a weakness for roadtrips and you also know that Marina comes from Serbia, which brings us to our trip 🙂

1 roadtrip, 10 crossed countries, 4000km, 1 month

For several years we have dreamed of going to see Marina’s family in Serbia with our car and to take advantage of it to make a “little tour” of Central Europe and that is what we will do with you during this trip.

We set a period of about a month, including about two weeks spent in Serbia with Marina’s family.
I say “about” because our trip is likely to evolve according to our desires, it is part of the joys to leave by car and not to have restraint related to regular jobs.

For the moment, here is the overall and not final plan of our trip from Pontarlier, France.


As you can see, it’s a bit of a road: D

In order to share the trip with you, we will make sure to publish once or twice a week a report of the route taken including photos / videos, the itinerary, the cost, the visits made on our route and the chosen accommodations.

You can find all of the article published in this category : Vous pouvez retrouver l’ensemble des articles publiés dans cette catégorie : Roadtrip in Central Europe

The part of the trip in Serbia will not really be a true roadtrip anymore as we will be staying with Marina’s family in the city of Smederevo (40km from Belgrade). We will still make articles on tours that will be published in the Destinations section of our site.

At the end of our journey, we will give you a summary including the time, distance and the exact cost if you ever intend to make a similar trip.

The review of our trip : Final review of our road trip in Central Europe

We have not yet chosen precisely the visits that we will do so if you have proposals, tips, etc. that are close to our itinerary do not hesitate to give it to us in comments! 🙂


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