Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, is located 1 hour from Vienna and 2 hours from Budapest. This makes it a very good stop on a trip or road trip in the area.

Most tourist attractions are concentrated in the city center and can be visited in one day or a weekend if you want to take your time.

Let’s see together things to see and do during this city trip in an less known European capital!


Bratislava’s Castle

bratislava_castle_chateauSymbol of the city, located on a hill, from up there you’ll have a view on the Danube and the city. You can find on the Slovak coins of 10, 20 and 50 cents of Euro.

Primate’s Palace

bratislava_palais_primatialeThis palace built in the 18th century witnessed the signing of the peace treaty of Pressburg following the victory of Napoleon at the Battle of Austerlitz.

Saint-Michael’s Gate

bratislava_michael_gate_street_restaurantThis is the only remnant of the 14th century fortification system. It is possible to access the top of the tower to have a view of the castle and the old town. A museum on weapons and fortifications is inside.

Grassalkovich Palace

bratislava_grassalkovichThis is the residence of the Slovak President. Dating from the 18th century, it was a high place of culture and the famous composer Joseph Haydn played there.

Saint Elisabeth Church (or Blue Church)

bratislava_blue_churchArt Nouveau style, this church of a beautiful blue color and containing many details and mosaics on its facade was built at the beginning of the 20th century.

Looking a bit at the monuments and building to see in Bratislava before our stay, it’s really this one that decided us to include the city in our trip 🙂

UFO Tower

bratislava_ufo_towerImage from

Located on a bridge crossing the Danube, this tower looks like a flying saucer. It is possible to climb up there to enjoy the view of the whole city and enjoy a meal in the restaurant.

Slavin Memorial

bratislava_slavin_statueThis memorial commemorating the liberation of the city by the Red Army in April 1945 is located on a hill overlooking the castle. It is visible from most of the city.

Bratislava’s Statues

Several bronze statues are scattered in the city center, some would pass almost unnoticed as they blend into the scenery. This brings a little more to the visit by going in search of these statues.

Those little things

Many “curiosities” ,sometimes surprising, are in the city and bring a charm to the ballad.

You can come across a street art work covering a facade, sculptures and many other things!


Where to sleep Bratislava ?

We stayed at the City Centre Best Location Apartment. This is a residence located close to downtown offering rooms with a sink and fridge but with shared spaces for cooking, coffee or laundry.

The residence has been completely renovated and opened not too long ago. No parking included however. If you arrive during the weekend, parking is free in the streets and unlike many capitals it is easy to drive and park there.

You can also enjoy 25 € on your first booking using our Airbnb referral link .

Where to eat and drink in Bratislava?

During our stay, we had the opportunity to eat at two restaurants. One serving traditional Slovak food and a Thai restaurant (not very local but the reviews were good on Tripadvisor).

Koliba Kamzik (Slovak restaurant)

The traditional Slovak dish is bryndzové halušky, it is a kind of gnocchi made from sheep’s cheese and cream. We ordered it, it was well prepared by the restaurant but we were not fan of the dish itself. You must try !

The setting is nice and the waitresses wear a traditional outfit. An English menu is available.

More information on the menu on the restaurant website: Koliba Kamzik

The Green Buddha (Thai restaurant)

The frame decorated around Asia and the dishes are quickly prepared and good! An English menu is available.

More information on the menu on the restaurant website: Green Buddha

Mobile coffee maker

bratislava_street_cofee_redYou will find them at many street corners, these triporters offering fresh and quality coffee.

Count € 1.6 for an espresso and € 2.4 for a cappuccino.

Bon Manufaktur

Nothing like it for falling back into childhood as this homemade candy factory!

It is possible to participate in workshops to learn how to make lollipops. (Yummy!)

More information on the site: Bon Manufaktur

How to come to Bratislava?

By car : Bratislava is 1 hour from Vienna and 2 hours from Budapest. On weekends parking is free. During the week, you will have to find private parking during the day or return regularly to your vehicle to add money in the parking meter.

By boat : It is possible to reach the city from Vienna in 1h15 thanks to the company Twin City Liner , fares start from 20 € for one way ticket. This allows you to pass in front of Devin Castle and enjoy a ride on the Danube. You can then return by train to limit the costs.

By train : 1 hour by train separates Vienna and Bratislava. Rates start at € 10.5 and vary according to the time.

By plane : Low-cost flights operated by Ryanair are available from Paris-Beauvais Airport. You can find more information on the site of Bratislava’s airport.

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