In Serbia, you can find many “Etno Selo”. These villages are composed of several traditional Serbian houses made of wood.

Today we present to you the village of Moravski Konaci located in Velika Plana.


The Etno Selo Moravski Konaci created in 2007, is composed of several traditional Serbian houses. They have been brought from different parts of Serbia, restored and arranged here to revive this period to visitors.

etno_selo_villageThese small houses have been remade with modern comforts to make them accommodations to suit the tastes of today’s clientele.

A lake and 9 small islands connected by wooden bridges are located in the center of the village and it is possible to walk around or even take a small boat trip.

etno_selo_pontA swimming pool is also available in summer but we did not enjoy it during our stay.

Traditional activities

Throughout the year, various activities around the theme of the village are offered.

It is also possible to meet artisans who are still working the old fashioned way like this traditional shoe manufacturer.

etno_selo_chaussure_traditionnellesetno_selo_chaussureMarina did not resist taking a pair 😀

The church

etno_selo_egliseThe church is at the entrance of the village and is dedicated to St. Nikola.

It is possible to go inside to visit or buy different religious souvenirs.

The restaurant

etno_selo_restaurantIt occupies the main location in the center of the village. This building is entirely built in wood too and its decoration mixes recent construction and different elements of typical Serbian decorations.

Even the staff wears a traditional outfit.

On the plate, you will eat more than enough and for an affordable price.
For 4 people we paid 3975RSD (33 €).

As you can see in the photos that follow, you will mostly find good traditional Serbian food.


The rooms

etno_selo_chambreWe did not sleep on the spot but the village has 19 rooms inside the traditionnal houses which are each more than 100 years old.

All modern comforts are there and you can even access a SPA / Wellness area with massage and sauna.

It may be for next time for us!

How to go ?

The village is located near the city Velika Plana, 90km from Belgrade and 40km from Smederevo.

carte_velika_planaThere is no transport deserving this place but it is very close to the E-75 highway that connects Belgrade to Nis.

And positive point, access to the village is free.

For more information you can go on the Facebook page and the website of the village. ( pages are written in Serbian)

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