We reached our last stop before we arrived in Smederevo, Serbia, at Marina’s parents’ home.


After a busy day in the Plitvice Lakes (Plitvička jezera) the day before, we only wanted to get to our accommodation to rest, so we did not visit anything on the way.

We stopped once to fill our tank and use our last Kuna before the border. FYI at the time of our passage the liter of diesel was 9.76HKR

The crossing of the border was done in less than 10 minutes, a stamp on the passport and that’s it. This obviously depends on the attendance of the moment based on holidays and weekends.


For this stop we had no plans to visit, we chose the accommodation based on the distance we had to go and on the Serbian side to avoid possible slowdown at the border.

And it was a very nice surprise, the apartment was big and was in front of the river with a pontoon and offered a beautiful view of the bridge crossing the river. A shared terrace for barbecues was available as well as a private terrace.

And unlike other accommodations, there was some basic food for cooking at our disposal (oil, pasta, coffee, etc.) and paid drinks in the fridge.

You can see more picture on the home page of the apartment here.

Travel time : 4h30
Distance traveled : 410km
Cost : Toll Croatia 141HRK (19€)
Accommodation : 40€/1 night here

Arrival at Smederevo

After a week of traveling we finally arrived at Smederevo!

The family of Marina is delighted to see us and to finish the first part of the trip, 6 floors without elevator to unload the car … We will take less lugages for the end of the trip!

smederevo_sunset_roofsAt least with have a good view from upstairs !

Travel time : 1h40
Distance traveled : 170km
Cost : Toll 480RSD (3.70€)
Accommodation : Nothing (Thanks to Marina’s parents)

This article concluded the first part of our trip, we had planned to stay two weeks in Serbia before continuing our journey. We have been there for almost three weeks and do not know exactly when we’ll be leaving again 😀

We will let you know when everything is clear.


For this part of the trip, we use for our accommodation. If you wish to benefit of a 15 € discount on your next trip it is here.

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