Here we are halfway through our journey (already !) And we have just hit the road again after spending more than 3 weeks in Serbia.

This break allowed us to review some of the things that we were not completely satisfied during the first part of the trip and how to improve them for the rest of the road.

So little time on some visits

We planned the first part of the trip without really knowing how much time we needed to visit without being in a rush all the time.

On some destinations the time planned was perfect, for example a day for Plitvicka Jezera was fine for us and two days would have been too much.
On the other hand we would have loved to stay longer on the Croatian coast to enjoy more of the beach …

For the future we will try to plan as much as possible visits and activities by reading online reviews before departure to allow enough time and enjoy a maximum without getting tired.

Too much stuffs with us

This is our first big trip, and like a lot of people I imagine, we took a lot of things and food with us.


The car was well loaded during this first part of trip, 3 suitcases of clothes, 1 baby bed, 3 bags of gifts for the family in Serbia, 2 bags of food, 1 cooler, toys for Tara, 1 table of camping , 1 beach umbrella …

The food was very useful in the evenings when we did not want to go out and rest instead, but the problem was that at each accommodation we had to load and unload both bags in addition to the rest …

We had brought more than 1 month in advance of milk powder for Tara and she stopped drinking it from the first night… This is good because we had planned to wait for our return to gradually withdraw the nursing bottles but we carry almost 3kg of milk at each arrival/departure for nothing.

At the end every load of the car I finished soaked and tired before taking the road, not to mention the pain in the arms …

We have consumed some of the food on the road and here in Serbia, so we will be a little lighter on this point and will try to put a maximum of things in the suitcases to at least be able to pull them and it should be easier.
We will also be careful to choose accommodations that have an elevator or are not higher than the first floor.

Tara does not want to walk anymore

Tara has always loved walking and since she’s 1 year old or so, we are no longer using the stroller because she does not want to stay in it.

Usually when we go hiking we use the baby carrier but it is not always easy in town given the size of it and we had no place in the car anyway.

Since our departure, Tara does not want to walk as she used to do… So she is in our arms a big part of the visits … it’s tiring, it’s hot and not easy to take pictures that way 😀

Fortunately for us since she knows how to climb up the stairs, she wants to get off our arms to go alone or pick up rocks to throw in the water but it does not work every time!

We brought with us a scarf carry, we hope that Tara will agree to stay in it and we will try to use public transport more than before.

You will be told if all this to bear fruit in a review article at the end of the trip! 😀

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