As soon as we talked about our trip with Marina and going through Croatia, the first place she told me about was Plitvička jezera, and that’s exactly where we’re going!


From Pula to Opatija

When we left Pula, we thought about going to eat by the sea before entering the lands towards the lakes.

Looking a bit at points of interest on Tripadvisor, we decided to stop in Opatija, 2 hours from Pula. And it was a great surprise!

The promenade along the sea, called “Lungomare”, is very beautiful with many hotels, restaurants and souvenir shop.

Swimming pools of sea water are disposed in several places and allow you to swim in this beautiful water.

Discover more in the following pictures.


From Opatija to Ostarski Stanovi

Following this walk we hit the road for another 2 hours before arriving at our accommodation for the night.

Most of the trip was on the highway, the end of the course was less quiet the GPS made us go through small country roads where it was difficult to cross other vehicles.

The apartment was located in a hamlet of ten houses, mainly dedicated to renting rooms and located 10km from the entrance of the lakes which allowed us to arrive early the next morning and avoid the buses of tourists .


We arrived around 5pm which allowed us to rest for our big day the next day at the Plitvice Lakes (Plitvicka Jezera) where we walked all day!

We will present our day there in a dedicated post !

Travel time : 4h30
Distance travelled : 266 km
Cost :  43 Kuna pour le péage (6 Euro)
Accommodation : 95€/2 nights here

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