Today we’re presenting to you the city of Smederevo, this city is famous in Serbia for its fortress dating from the fifteenth century.

It is also the birthplace of Marina and a large part of her family still lives there. No need to say that we often come here!

Central Square and St. George’s Church

  In the heart of the city is the Church of St. George built between 1850 and 1854, it is the first church built based on the monastery of Manasija and is one of the largest religious building in Serbia.

Around it there is a large triangular square. It hosts many events throughout the year and allows residents to meet.

Small stalls offering ice cream, popcorn and sweets as well as children’s games are arranged along the square.


smederevo_vinogradContinuing a little further, several local winemakers gathered in these stands made from real barrels and casks to offer their products for sale.

This is a must stop if you want to bring good wine or rakija (brandy) home!


City Museum

smederevo_museumLocated right in front of the entrance of the fortress, this is another interesting place to learn more about the history of the city through the centuries.
The museum displays remains from prehistoric times to the present day through the Roman Empire and the Middle Ages.

Much of the information is translated into English and the admission ticket costs only 100RSD (0,85€)

Karađorđev Dud

smederevo_dudThis tree, more than 300 years old, witnessed the handing over of the keys of the city by Turkish commander Dizdar Muharem Guša to Karađordje Petrović on November 8, 1805.

This made Smederevo capital of Serbia for the second time in its history.

It denotes a little in the middle of buildings all around and nowadays it is a point of reference used by the locals to meet in the city.

The Fortress of Smederevo

smederevo_forteresse_vue_cielImage from the website

Smederevo is best known for its fortress built in the fifteenth century by Despot Djuradj Brankovic.
It is located at the mouth of the river Jezava and Danube, it gave at the time a defensive advantage and it is this position that gave it its triangular shape.

It consists of 25 towers 25 meters high.

The fortress remained in relatively good condition until June 5, 1941 when a German munition depot exploded destroying part of the fortress, half the city and killed between 500 and 1000 people.

The park located inside the outer ramparts is accessible free of charge.

The visit of the small walled city costs 120RSD, allows to walk along the walls and to see a little closer this part of the fortress. Guided tours are also available.


Walk along the Danube

From the Fortress or the city center, it is possible to walk along the Danube for several kilometers along a promenade.

A play area allows children to have fun at the beginning of the walk. If you continue a little further, there are several floating bars and restaurants to enjoy the view of the Danube.

The Green Market

smederevo_marketThis market outside the city center is held every morning. Traders sell seasonal fruits and vegetables as well as typical Serbian cheeses.

Where to eat in Smederevo ?

During our different stay in Smederevo, we had the opportunity to eat in several restaurants. Here are our two favorites.


smederevo_fuegoIf you want to eat a good pizza cooked over a wood fire, this is the place to go.

The restaurant has a terrace in the backyard perfect to be quiet and enjoy the evening.

The pizza comes in two sizes (36 or 50cm) and are superb besides the prices are more than reasonable.

Their Facebook :

Park Restaurant

smederevo_restaurant_park_entranceThis restaurant focuses on traditional Serbian cuisine. Go there when you are hungry because the portions are generous and the dishes are so good that we want to eat everything!

The service is also very professional and of good advice regarding the choice of dishes or wines.

Just opposite is a promenade for walking along the Danube. Perfect for digesting after this good meal !

Where to go out ?

smederevo_biere_jelenIf you want to go out in the evening, most of the bars are located in Kralja Petra I, between the church square and the Danube.

The atmosphere is very pleasant, groups play live on the terraces during the summer and the beer flows. At 1 € a pint you have to be reasonable!

Note that there is no problem of insecurity. Young teenagers and families with children go on the streets even after midnight and go home without any worries.

We feel personally safer there than at home in France where we always keep an eye on our things and the people around.

Where to sleep ?

You can find many accommodations on Airbnb in and around the city. Several are on the banks of the Danube and will allow you to spend good evenings watching the sunset on this magnificent river.
Prices are not very high compared to France and you can find this kind of good around 30/40 € per night.

smederevo_talismanoWhen we go there we used to stay at the Talismano. This is a restaurant that offers 3 mini-apartments with kitchenettes for cooking.
It is located near the city center, can be reached on foot, allowing to visit the city easily.

The rooms are clean and well decorated, you can see pictures and even book directly on their website: Talismano

How to get to Smederevo and how to get around the city?

smederevo_train_stationSmederevo is 1 hour away from Belgrade, there are several bus services to the city.

There is no direct train from the capital, there are connections from Lapovo and Požarevac.

If you come by car, be careful where you park, some areas are not free and this is not always clearly indicated. When indicated, it is necessary to have a Serbian phone to be able to send a text to pay the parking …

Once in town the best is to walk or use one of the many taxi companies present in town: Pepsi, Pink, Maxi, Taxi Boy and more.
It’s a lot of taxi for a city but every local has his own favorite 😀

The prices are really low and to cross the city it will not cost you more than 200RSD (1.7€).
You will save time and make the drivers work.

Useful information

ATMs are present everywhere and can withdraw Serbian Dinars but also Euro.

Stands allow you to buy drinks, cigarettes or snacks throughout the day and night in different parts of the city.

For further information you can visit the website of the tourist office of Smederevo.

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