Follow our trip from Venice to Pula, Croatia.

de_venise_a_pulaWe hit the road at 10:30am from Venice to Pula, the italians still run as badly but it is really nice and hot!

Going through Slovenia

After 2 hours of drive we arrived at the Slovenian border, to use the highways a vignette is mandatory. Even if we only going through, the cheapest is 15 € for a week of use, it’s a lot to do only 30km in the country but we did not want to waste time using secondary roads.

We stopped at a currency exchange before customs to buy it.

Credit card was not accepted, bring the necessary amount in cash for the vignette needed.

More information on driving in Slovenia and the different vignettes available here.

Having more time for this trip, we made a detour to Portorož near the sea, to make this time a real break off the highway and enjoy the view. Unfortunately we did not have time to visit the city, maybe next time!


Arrival in Croatia

Portorož is only 8 km from the border, we went through a small customs to arrive in Croatia and we waited behind a line of car for 40 minutes …

de_venise_a_pula43°C… Lucky that we have the AC !

The main customs also has significant waiting time because each passport is checked before entering Croatia, it must be taken into account when planning your itinerary.

After that, the road went smoothly, there was little traffic, the sun was there and our accommodation outside Pula prevented a possible slowdown in the city.

Arrival in Pula

The appartment was located 5 minutes away from the sea and just 10 minutes from the center of Pula with one bedroom, private parking and a pleasant terrace. And good surprise, a pool! So we refreshed ourselves in the pool after this hot day.

de_venise_a_pulaWe also enjoyed the end of the day by going to the beach and saw the sunset over the creek.

de_venise_a_pulade_venise_a_pulaWe stayed two nights in this accommodation but we would have liked to stay a little more to enjoy the beach and excursions on the islands around …

We’ll make a dedicated article about Pula and the beach where we bathed!

Travel time : 4h30
Distance traveled : 289 km
Cost : 11€ toll in Italy + 15€ vignette Slovenia + 6.82€ toll Croatia
Accomodation: 92€/2 nights here (airbnb fees of 12€ included)

  • Slovenian vignette required to drive on motorways
  • High waiting time at the Croatian border


For this part of the trip we used Airbnb to book our accommodations. If you want to benefit of a 25 € discount on your first trip, it’s here.

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